Hi Families, 

We had a great week in kindergarten! 

We (the kiddos) did a huge clean out to help organize some of the messes we have created in the classroom. I was really proud of how the students worked together to plan and execute the reorganization of our learning center materials. They have promised to take better care of all the learning tools and toys in our classroom. Thank you to all the families that talked with their kiddos about the importance of this at home! J

Phonics/Daily 5:

  • Reviewed and learned phonics skills:
    • Long E Digraphs ee/ea
    • Digraph ai/ay
    • Digraph oa/oe
  • Continued to practice sight words
  • Continued to practice using lowercase letters in our writing


  • We continued Module 5 in math.
  • Students can:
    • Count up and down by tens to 100 with the say ten and regular counting
    • Count within tens by ones
    • Count across tens when counting by ones by ones through 40
    • Count across tens by ones to 100 with and without objects
    • Explore numbers on the Rekenrek
  • We began our Number Scrolls this week, which has been a HUGE HIT! The students are writing numbers as high as they can. We talked about patterns within each set of 100 numbers. Ask your child what number they are on. We will be working on these for the rest of the year. Last year, one of my students made it to 3000! J 


  • We continued to work on opinion writing
  • Students are continuing to share their opinion while working on:
    • Spelling
      • Read their own writing
      • Write a letter for the sounds they heard
      • Use the word wall to help them spell (correctly write sight words)
    • Punctuation
      • Put spaces between words
      • Used lowercase letters unless capitals are needed
      • Write a capital letter to start ever sentence
    • Next week, we will begin writing persuasive style writing: writing to make the world a better place! J

How can I help at home?

  • Read with your child each night!
  • Review phonics with your child:
    • Short vowels
    • Long vowels (magic e)
    • Digraphs
    • Blends
    • ee/ea
    • ai/ay
    • oe/oa
  • Practice addition and subtraction to 10 (using pictures, number bonds and equations)
  • Practice finding groups of 10-20 and using the phrasing “I have 10 ones and ____ ones”
    • This will help the transition to teen numbers
  • Practicing writing numbers 0-100
  • Work on fact fluency with your child. If you notice they are coming home with the same practice sheet each day, then reviewing addition problems to 5 would be helpful!
  • Practice showing/counting/writing teen numbers
  • Have your child teach you facts about tigers (start with tigers can, tigers have or tigers are) 
  • Continue to practice writing at home. This can be reviewing how-to books, writing true stories, or writing about their day. Any type of writing will be helpful. Make sure students are writing using lowercase letters unless capitals are needed!

Important Information:

  • ChallengerScholastic Book Fair: Wednesday June 5th - Friday June 7th. 
    The Book Fair will open each day after school until 8:00 pm, as long as we have volunteers to cover each shift.
    Please sign up to volunteer: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a084ea8a928a57-challenger11
  • ART WALK: Friday, June 7thfrom 6-8pm. 
    Come to the exciting, creative and vibrant edition of the Challenger PTA Art Walk. The Challenger corridors will come alive with the creative talents of our students. Tour the students' art work, participate in hands-on art activities, fun games or grab a bite to eat at the Hot Dog Spot food cart. Grandparents, parents, siblings, neighbors and friends are all invited!   
  • Alphabet Countdown! Get ready for the countdown…. When we get to our last 26 days of school, we will have an alphabet countdown, celebrating 1 letter a day with a different theme. I have attached the different activities for each day. Check them out!

 Have a great weekend!