Hi families,


We had a great week in kindergarten! The kiddos were very excited to fill our Comet Coin jar! It held 165 Comet Coins! We already have it filled up about a quarter of the way again. Our goal is to fill it once more before the end of kindergarten. We can do it!!


On Tuesday, June 11th the field trip to Grand Ridge for our kiddos going there next year. Please make sure your child arrives to school on time that day as they will be leaving shortly after they arrive. Parents are not attending this event.


Phonics/Daily 5:

  • Reviewed and learned phonics skills:
    • ee/ea
    • ai/ay
    • oa/oe
    • ou/ow
    • oo/ew
    • oy/oi
    • double endings (LL, SS, FF)
  • Continued to practice sight words
  • Continued to practice using lowercase letters in our writing



  • We worked on Module 6 in math.
  • Students can:
    • Build flat shapes with varying side lengths and record with drawings
    • Compose solids using flat shapes as a foundation
  • We also played a new game in math to help with place value
    • Divided students in two groups. Each had a digit card 1-9
    • I would call out a 2 digit, 3 digit or 4 digit number. Students would have to work with their team to build that number using their digit card.



  • We are done with the traditional writing units for the year! We will be doing our alphabet countdown as our writing for the rest of the year. The kids have been working so hard on their punctuation and lowercase letters. Remember that in order to receive a “3” on report cards in that area, they must be doing both of those consistently in their writing. J


Reading Comprehension

  • Book: Enemy Pie by Derek Munson
  • Theme: Friendship  
  • Essential questions:
    • How can we compare and contrast the characters’ experiences?
    • How can you benefit from making a new friend?
  • Vocabulary words:
    • Enemy
    • Recipe
    • Squinted
    • Surprised
    • Mumbled
  • Comprehension Strategy: inferring 


Alphabet Countdown:

  • We talked about what makes us happy on Monday.
  • On Tuesday, we shared our All About Me posters and learned all about our friends!
  • Wednesday was jammie day so the kiddos were feeling extra comfy as we did our work.
  • Thursday we read several books about kindness. We each picked something kind to do during the day.
  • On Friday the kiddos got to eat lunch with me in the classroom. J I got the kiddos a special cookie for dessert.


How can I help at home?

  • Read with your child each night!
  • Review phonics with your child:
    • Short vowels
    • Long vowels (magic e)
    • Digraphs
    • Blends
    • ee/ea
    • ai/ay
    • oe/oa
    • ou/ow
    • oo/ew
    • oi/oy
    • double endings
  • Practice addition and subtraction to 10 (using pictures, number bonds and equations)
  • Practice finding groups of 10-20 and using the phrasing “I have 10 ones and ____ ones”
    • This will help the transition to teen numbers
  • Practicing writing numbers 0-100
  • Work on fact fluency with your child. If you notice they are coming home with the same practice sheet each day, then reviewing addition problems to 5 would be helpful!
  • Practice showing/counting/writing teen numbers
  • Work on shapes, drawing and building
  • Have your child teach you facts about tigers (start with tigers can, tigers have or tigers are) 
  • Continue to practice writing at home. This can be reviewing how-to books, writing true stories, or writing about their day. Any type of writing will be helpful. Make sure students are writing using lowercase letters unless capitals are needed!


Important Information:

  • Tonight is your last chance to visitour Scholastic Book Fair
  • The Art Walk is tonight from 6-8pm. Our Art Docent, Miss Tara, put up some of the beautiful artwork she completed with your kiddos this year. It is a fun event for the whole family! My 4-year old is so excited she gets to attend this year! I hope to see you there.


  • Walk to Yellow Lake: Monday, June 24th 11:00-1:00.

On Monday June 24th our class will be participating in a walking field trip to Yellow Lake Park (down Klahanie blvd. next to the Lakeview Pool.) from 11:00-1:00. Mrs. Hayes class will be joining us! We will be walking around the lake with our classes. Then having a picnic lunch and some play time at the park itself. We are looking for parent volunteers to help chaperone small groups of kids. As well as volunteers to help bring things for the picnic. Please see the google doc to sign up and help out. If we do not have enough volunteers the day before, we will not be able to have the picnic lunch. Please respond if you would like to be a chaperone. For this particular field trip siblings are able to attend. If they are not able to walk around the lake and to and from school (1.5 miles roughly), plan on bringing a stroller for the gravel pathway. We look forward to this fun and exciting end of year celebration!!

Walking Field Trip Supplies

Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Many families have made plans before the school year was extended to June 27th. Please let me know in advance if your child will be missing any of the last days of school.
  • Next week we have:

6/10- M Day- Music Day- listen to music throughout the day!

6/11- N Day- Note Day- write notes to your friends and family today!

6/12- O Day- Outside Day- enjoy reading and writing and a few other activities outside!

6/13- P Day- Popsicle Day- we will enjoy a Popsicle treat together

6/14- Q Day- Quiet Day- we will enjoy some extra silence today. Bring your pillow for quiet reading time!


  • Field Day: Friday, June 21stChallenger’s annual Field Day is coming up on Friday June 21st and we are seeking volunteers to help us run the stations for this exciting event!  We appreciate all that you have done to help us this year, and would greatly appreciate volunteers for this special end of the year event that students look forward to each year.  Field Day cannot run successfully without your help.  Below is a link for a Google Doc that contains information about the stations for our session and other volunteer opportunities for assisting at stations, setting up/taking down Field Day equipment and assisting with drinking water stations and filling water balloons.  You do not need a Google account to use the document.  All you have to do is click on the link, review the list of volunteer opportunities, type your name into one of the designated volunteer slots and then close your internet browser window.  No need to save or send anything.  


Field Day Sessions:
Morning session- Kinder, 1st & 2nd grades: 9:30-11:00

Afternoon session- 3rd, 4th & 5th grades: 1:30-3:00


All volunteers must be cleared through the Issaquah School District background check prior to volunteering for Field Day.  If you have questions about this, please let me know.


Google Document for Volunteering:


Thank you in advance for volunteering for this special, exciting event!  Please feel free to e-mail me if you are having problems with the document or have questions.”


  • Attached is a newsletter from Ms. Kessler.


Enjoy your weekend! Please note I will be out both Monday & Tuesday. Make sure to email any schedule changes to Pam in the office since I will not be checking my email while I am out. See you on Wednesday!