About Cindy Parsons

I graduated in 1977 from the University of Texas in El Paso with a BS in Elementary Education. In 1995, I got my Masters in Teaching Technology. I have been teaching in the public schools since 1977.

I began my career in a small town in Texas. I taught first grade in a bilingual school for two years. The third year I worked in Fabens, I was the reading specialist for the  the primary school (grades K-3).

I was lucky enough to stay home with my children until the youngest of my two daughters was in fifth grade. I started teaching 5th grade at Challenger on January 20, 1993. What an eventful day! That day was my daughter's 11th birthday, Bill Clinton's first inauguration, and the BIG WIND STORM! School started at Challenger at 8:40 and at exactly 8:40 that morning, the clocks stopped and so did everything else. Trees had downed power lines all over the area. Getting everyone home safely was the concern for the day, and we did eventually accomplish that fete. We had no school, or power, for 5 days!

Things have been exciting around here ever since. I began teaching second grade at Challenger the next year and did so for 15 years.

In the fall of 2008, I began my new adventure....teaching SAGE at Challenger and Discovery. In 2014, I taught at Discovery and Sunny Hills, and then in 2015 I was back at Challenger and Sunny Hills. It's been a great experience!  

I have a darling six year old granddaughter and a three year old grandson who are the sunshine of my life! My husband and I live in Sammamish and love to play golf.