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  • Goodbye 4th Grade, Hello 5th!

    Dear Ferguson Fourth Graders & Families-  
    It is time to say goodbye to 4th grade and hello to 5th-  YOU DID IT!!!  I am going to miss seeing each and every one of you at my kitchen counter every morning but look forward to seeing you in 5th grade next year!  Attached is our Summer Learning Packet! (Click on the title of this blog post to view in a full screen & find the attachment at the bottom in blue to download) & here are some ideas for summer learning to get you ready: 


    • Lexia: You will continue to have access to your Lexia account all summer.
    • EPIC Books: For families who have signed up for remote learning access, you will have 2 hours each week to read on EPIC books in their limited library for free, starting on July 1st.
    • KCLS Summer Reading Program: KCLS’s summer reading program runs from June 1st to August 31st. The goal is to read 1,000 minutes this summer!  Students may track their reading minutes in one of two ways:
      • Track online with the Beanstack. Register here or go to kcls.org.beanstack.  An iPhone and android app is also available.   Achievement badges, entry into a prize raffle at 500 minutes, and finisher certificates are automatically issued when you use Beanstack.


    • Print out a downloadable PDF Reading Log here. Downloadable finisher certificates and prize raffle at 500 minutes are still available.  Simply follow the instructions at the top of the Reading Log.

    When kids complete their minutes, they can enter to win a stack of FREE BOOKS, curated just for them by KCLS based on their preferences.  There will be 50 winners across the system.  Individual prizes will not be awarded this summer because of physical distancing. Click here to visit the KCLS site for more specifics. 

    • Continue to Read 30 Minutes Each Day! A couple of times each week, try to read aloud to someone or something (family member, pet, plant, a picture of someone, etc.


    • Zearn: Students will still have access to Zearn. This can be accessed through Clever. There is also a Summer Program that will allow students to focus on the areas that are most critical moving into 5th Clever will be available through August 7th. The district is working on trying to have it available all summer- be on the lookout for updates on this!
    • Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a website that also provides practice on the skills learned in 4th Below are three websites. The first is a foundational 4th grade website that is great for students who may want to work on building their foundational skills or who may feel like math is a bit challenging. The second one links to practice that is directly tied to what we learned this year. And the third one is the foundations to 5th grade for students who are wanting a challenge and wanting to preview the learning for next year.
    • Problem Set Notebooks and Homework: the problem set notebooks that were given at the end of the year are a great tool to continue learning. Although we haven’t covered all of the topics, a combination of Zearn, Khan Academy, and the notebooks can be a great learning tool. In addition, you can click here for access to all of the homework for each module along with homework helpers and parent tip sheets that you can use to help support your child.
    • Common Core Sheet: commoncoresheets.com is a website where you can search for different skills by grade level standard and find a variety of worksheets for practice. They also come with answer keys which is helpful.


    • Keep a Journal: Try writing in it a few times a week. See how many different genres you can write in over the summer. See if you can work on completing one or two of the Writing Bingo Boards attached for some ideas.
    • Work on Typing: There are free programs online to use or just getting on a computer and typing a story or a letter is a great way to get started.


    • Code.org (Can be accessed through Clever): This is a great way to allow students to develop some coding and additional computer skills.
    • Science and Social Studies: While the units in both science and social studies will change for your child in the next school year, summer is the perfect time to delve deeper into your child’s interests in these areas. Through virtually visiting museums and/or historical sites you can challenge and enrich your child in many ways!

    Thanks again for a great year & enjoy your last summer of elementary school! 
    -Mrs. F 


    • 23 Jun 2020