If you are looking for a way to help your child with their reading comprehension at home, then read below for one way that you can support them!

Have your child stop reading at the end of each chapter they read (or every few pages of a book if they don't have chapters). Have your child give them-self a comprehension check. Who is in this part? What just happened? Does this fit with something that already happened, or is this new?

Then check in with your child, How did they do? Did they pass the check?

If not, have them reread parts that they didn't understand. Remind them that even experts reread all the time.  It helps them make sure they really understand a text.  

If so, put a post-it with a check mark on it on that page to record that they passed the check!

The aim is to be able to check off each chapter that is read!

Happy Reading!