Hi Room 306 Families,


I hope that you all had a wonderful spring break and were able to do some fun things (at home J)!  I was especially glad that we had some nice weather so that I could go outside on my patio to read and take my dog on some walks!


This week begins our new form of remote learning/teaching.  We will be focusing on Essential New Learnings (ENLs) that our district has identified for the next 9 weeks.  This will be new content so what your child will be doing each day will look different than the past couple of weeks.  With this new model, your child will be assigned lessons and activities within Seesaw daily for Reading, Writing, and Math.  You will receive a weekly planner that outlines what your child should do each day in these subject areas. I will release the Seesaw activities daily for the assigned day at 7 am to help keep things organized and easy to find.  Within the Seesaw activity, you will find a video lesson that students should watch first before completing the assigned activity.  I have personally created the video lessons that are posted in Seesaw for Reading, Writing, and Math.  These lessons will not be able to fully replicate what our students would experience in the classroom, but is a strong substitute.  After students watch the lesson, they will then complete the activity that goes along with it in the same assigned Seesaw.  Please make sure that your child completes their work to the best of their own ability. Participation in the form of activity submission will count greatly towards their Trimester 3 report cards.  You may assist your child when they need help, but please allow them to do their own work so that I can see how they are truly progressing. Additionally, I have attached an Elementary Responsible Use Reminder Letter that our district has created around student use of technology.


With that said, I will also be offering two, weekly Office Hour times where I will be at my computer to answer questions. Most questions sent during these hours will be responded to right away, but there are special cases when I may need to take more time to respond to you and will do so as quickly as possible.  My Office Hours will be: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-2:00 pm.  If this changes, I will let you know in advance!


With this in mind, you will find that each Sunday night, I will send you an email that contains:

  • a Weekly Planner that outlines the daily learning targets, materials needed, and what your child will do that day for Reading, Writing, and Math, as well as a weekly enrichment activity
  • any necessary supporting documents outside of Seesaw for students (articles, anchor charts, etc.)


I will also continue to audio record and upload Because of Winn-Dixie read aloud chapters to the class webpage throughout the weeks so continue to look there!  I am also still planning on us having our weekly, Zoom class meetings!  I will send invites with the code the day before!


If you would like to check out what the specialist teachers have put together, then please check out this link: https://sway.office.com/re2Y2p8PIv1hWGxP?ref=Link


Thank you all so much for your understanding and support!  I miss our class so much and wish we all could be together, but am hopeful that these new lessons and our continued class meetings will help all of us feel more connected!


Have a wonderful week,

Ms. Flynn