Hello Room 306 Families,


We’re embarking onto week 7 this week!  Time is flying! 


Attached you will find this week’s planner that will give you detailed information about what your child is expected to do each day.  Please look at this document, as it outlines each day’s requirements, including math problem set problems. For those that have picked up their child’s math problem set workbooks, you will want to check this out to see what problems your child should do.  Remember to take photos of the completed pages and upload them to that day’s Seesaw activity to get credit. If you still need pdfs of the math problem sets to be sent, please let me know otherwise I will assume that you have the physical workbook or will be completing the pages through Seesaw.  I have also attached the reading response choice board again so that you have it. 


Special Note about Math this week: This week’s math, per our curriculum, has students using their problem sets during the lesson part for Lessons 19, 21, and 22. Their independent work, therefore, will be problems from the “homework page”.  You will find these homework pages in one of two places: attached to this email as a pdf and in the Seesaw activity). I apologize for the inconvenience of it not being in the hard copy problem set, but this was the best way to approach these lessons.  You will also find that Lesson 18’s problem set page in Seesaw has some extra supports in it, so I have attached the pdf of that problem set, as well, in case your child would like to use that version!



A couple of notes:


  • I have noticed over the past weeks that less students are turning in work.  I know that things can easily get busy at home with trying to balance helping your student and working yourself, but just keep on doing the best you can!  Even if students need to take a little longer to finish work and submit, I would rather late participation rather than no participation J so that they are still practicing the skills. If there is anything I can do to help and support you, please let me know!


  • I have continued to collaborate with two other 3rd grade teachers from Clark, Ms. Guthrie and Ms. Roth, on instructional videos and activities for math, reading, and writing.  This will help ensure that we have the time to create the best lessons and activities possible for our students, as well as time to give occasional feedback on work. Don’t worry! Ms. Guthrie, Ms. Roth, and I have met over video conferencing to iron out all of the details of what should be included in each lesson and activity so that we remain consistent with the work we are assigning our classes.
    • àThis week: I am narrating the writing lessons, Ms. Guthrie is narrating math, and Ms. Roth is narrating reading.


  • I am continuing to check student work so at times I may send work back to your student that needs to be fixed, finished, or revised.  Please help your child remember to fix or finish and send it back to me!


  • Please help remind your student to watch the lesson videos before completing work as that will help them better understand content.


  • I will continue to hold Office Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-2:00 pm where I am at my computer ready to respond to your questions!


  • We will have a weekly class meeting on Thursday, at 11:00 am.  Look for an email on Wednesday that has the Zoom link to join. Seeing our class is the highlight of my week!  I hope to see your child there!!!



The specialists have updated their activities. You can click the following link to access them: https://sway.office.com/kSoHswez9wzBobny?ref=Link



I love seeing all of the work being submitted by your students and I look forward to seeing this week’s work and seeing the class during our class meeting!


Thank you for all of your continued support during this time!




Ms. Flynn