Hello Families,

Welcome to our class website. You can find a variety of information here about our class. I update the website regularly with homework information, classroom content, and important documents. It is also a great resource for information on upcoming events, links to other information about our school and our daily schedule. If you have any questions or suggestions about our website please feel free to email me.

Learning Resources

Learning Targets for the week can be found here.

Work tracking schedule can be found here.

You can find the PDF of our current math module homework here

Specialist and Social Emotional Resources and New Learning

You can find the presentation from specialists here.

You can find a link to our SEL resources here

Essential New Learning Overview

Hello Families, 

This is our last full week of learning, almost there! I am excited to see many of you Friday at materials pick up/ 5th grade goodbye. I am very proud of all the great work you have done this year, both in class and while learning from home. We have our wrap-up of reading this week, memoirs are due Wednesday and a fun math project we will be work on this week. Your “Caption this Image” activities should be even more interesting as well. We will not have our weekly Zoom meeting this week as I hope to see most of you on Friday. At 1:00pm we will have a 5th grade promotion video that will be emailed to families as well, we hope you enjoy it. Next Monday we will be holding our final Zoom meeting, so we can say good bye and maybe even play a fun game or two.

Friday’s material pick up will be from 9:30-11:00 am at the front of Clark. Please remember that you and your students need to stay in your car and keep the vehicle moving at a safe pace so those behind you can pick up their materials and wave to their teachers as well. If you are not able to make it out Friday, there will be a second pick up time for all families K-5 on Monday June 22, from 1:00-3:30.


Overview:I will be teaching new content to your students in the subject areas; reading, writing and math. It will be very important for your student to engage in this learning for two reasons: 1) they will still get a report card at the end of the year and 2) this is the best way to help them prepare for middle school content, considering the situation we are in.


Platform/Structure: I will be teaching your students this new content using Seesaw as the learning platform. I will send out a weekly email that will give a big picture of what the weeks learning targets will be  however, the daily lessons itself, will be posted on Seesaw. They include a variety of resources such as; videos, power point, voice recorded directions, visuals, and anchor charts. Each day, your student will be asked to login to Seesaw and find the reading, writing and math lessons for the day. The Seesaw lessons will almost always require a response back to me in addition to the mini lesson. If your student prefers to do all their work on paper or in a journal, they can take a picture and post it in their Seesaw journal for me to see. I will have the lessons for the day at 9:00am every morning.

Your student is welcome to structure their day however they would like. I will not be doing any live teaching so you will be able to access the lessons at any time during the day. I have attached a work tracking template that you and your student can use to keep track of their day. It helps keep them focused and feel like they have structure, but is not a requirement.  


Break down of lessons: Each week there will be 4 new math lessons, 2 new reading lessons, and 2-3 new writing lessons. On the days there is not a new math, reading or writing lesson, there will be a day or 2 for them to practice the taught concept/skill during independent work time. The goal is to follow the same routine/structure we do in the classroom. I teach a new skill/new content, then allow time for independent practice and mastery. On Fridays, there will be a cumulative activity that will integrate all three core subject areas; reading, writing math, and then either science or social studies, together in one.


Office Hours: Each week I will set aside office hours in which I will be available to provide quick feedback and answer any questions that you may have. If you have a question or concern outside of my office hours, please don’t hesitate to email me, I will always try to respond as quickly as I can. My office hours this week will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:00- 3:00 pm. These hours are for this week, they may change in coming weeks as I see needs arise.


If you ever have a question about what the goal is for the day or the assignment on Seesaw, please let me know. Any feedback is also encouraged and welcome. Online teaching is new for us, too, so let me know how I can best help you and your families through this process

Eureka Math Resources

These are some additional resources for parents and students to support our work in math this year. Zearn is a student resource that give students additional support and practice that is linked directly to our learning in class. Prodigy Math Game is another web based learning game students can use for additional math practice. Both these resources are free there is not need to purchase anything to use either.

Below is a list of videos for parents and students that correlates to each math lesson for our current math unit of study.

Module 4 - Multiplication and Division of Fractions

Lesson Videos Here

Content Area Topics

Math- We are currently showing our understanding of fractions and multiplying and dividing with them. 

Writing-  We are practicing persuasive writing to be able to better affect change in our world.  

Science/ Social Studies- Students are observing and understanding energy. In social studies, students are discussing the events leading up to and through the American Revolution and how they shaped our world today. 

Reading-  We are practicing reading informational texts of increasing complexity. 

Additional Practice

Math- Skip counting by difficult numbers (6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12), multiplication war (draw two cards each and multiply them),  Dice Multiplication (roll two dice add them up roll them again, add again then multiply their sums [or use  12 sided dice available at many gaming stores]). Encourage them to catch up or get ahead in Zearn, practice skills with Prodigy. Use some of the problem solving strategies listed below. PDF's of the Eurika homework can be found by click here

Reading- In addition to silent reading, also ask students to read out loud and practice reading with expression. Also ask students to journal about their reading, this can be thoughts and feelings about what they read or applying a skill we are currently covering. Newsela is a great resource we use for nonfiction articles in our classroom found here, https://newsela.com/ . Here is a link (http://liblady.weebly.com/book-recomendations.html ) to various reading recommendations from our wonderful library. Additional resources are https://www.Activelylearn.com , https://www.Kcls.org/students , https://www.brainpop.com and http://www.tumblebooklibrary.com . 


Writing- Have students keep a writing notebook. They can writing a small period of time each day. Some days allow them to write about whatever they wish. Other days ask them to write something connected to our current genre of writing. Also try https://www.spellingcity.com to support students growth in spelling. 

Science- Go to the library and check out books related to our current topic of study. Have students read and record important or interesting information they would like to share with you or the class.

Social Studies- Go to the library and check out books related to our current topic of study. Have students read and record important or interesting information they would like to share with you or the class.

Technology- https://scratch.mit.edu/ and https://studio.code.org/ are both great resources for students to learn to code. Type to Learn is a great program we use here at Clark to develop keyboarding skills. Here is the link to the page that provides detailed directions to the download:  http://ttl4.sunburst.com/downloads/. User names is first name and last initial and the password is the same, the access code is 148638. 

Problem Solving & Thinking Skills- Play games like 24, SET, Mancala, Snake Oil, Scattegories, Checkers, 20 questions or any strategy game.  These games will train the brain in deductive reasoning and/or give them some practice using higher level thinking skills.

Give your child a building challenge such as: “Use these straws and paperclips to build the tallest tower possible.”   “Use these popsicle sticks and glue to make a bridge with a 2 foot span that holds 3 lbs. “

Put 5 objects on a table and ask their child to create something.  Do this activity once a week.

Have your child keep a math journal at home.  They can write sequences of numbers “count by 7’s” and revisit this sequence to find patterns.

Have your child use colored blocks or cubes to create patterns.  Work with your child by creating a pattern and having your child tell you how to continue this pattern.