Weekly Updates, Announcements, and Reminders

Have a great summer!  

Thank you for a wonderful year together in 3rd grade.  Each of you made it special and a wonderful year.  I know each of you will have a fabulous year in 4th grade!

I wish everyone an exciting and fun summer!  I hope to see many of you next fall.  Please do not hesitate to say "Hi" and wave as we pass by in the hallway!

3rd Grade Summer Packet

Look in the Weekly E-Learning Boards & Other Helpful Documents File for the 3rd grade summer packet! 


Summer Learning Opportunities

Click on the link below to access the summer learning opportunities on the padlet.


Homework Schedule

Creating a daily schedule can help focus and keep the day moving forward. It can move us from the blue (going slow) zone, to the green (ready to go) zone.  I've created one for myself that has been a huge help.  The categories are not super specific, which allows for flexibility in the activities I do for those times.  You can create your schedule as specific or general as you want.

Here is my schedule.  Nothing fancy.  I created it in Microsoft word, using a fun font and table.