June 1st - June 5th

Week 7 Online Learning.pdf

Clever Website includes:

- Zearn for math practice

- SeeSaw for sharing learning

-Other online learning resources

E-Learning Video Directions

Specialist Newsletter

Optional Homework Resources


www.Zearn.org - aligned with Eureka math curriculum

www.prodigygame.com - game based math learning

www.multiplication.com - for practicing +/-/x/÷ fact fluency

Ask Mr. Winter if you would like access to printed flash cards!


www.Activelylearn.com - fiction and nonfiction with quizzes

Newsela.com - nonfiction and editorial news articles for kids

Tumblebooks Extra Reading Practice - fiction and storybooks


Students who need extra writing practice are encouraged to keep a notebook at home, and

practice writing on a daily or weekly basis.They can do so in the genre we are working on in class,

or just work on writing about something they find interesting. Writers become better writers by writing!

In addition, having students type a story can help build their typing skills as well as their skills in writing.

Classroom Expectations

Students in Portable 1 will:

Work hard.

Be respectful.

Be focused.

Engage in our reading.

Consider the emotions of others.

Embrace challenge.

And have fun!

Our Student-written Classroom Charter:

Classroom Charter.pdf

Generic Content

Technology Expectations

Students in P-1 will

  • Protect login information.
  • Treat technology safely - touching keyboards and touchscreens gently.
  • Be on task.
  • Access appropriate content.
  • Never download anything without teacher permission.
  • Keep food and drink away from technology.
  • Store their laptops safely, turning them off the correct way, and make sure they are charged.

You may view the ISD K-5 Students Responsible Use Agreement here.

Contact Information

Charles Winter

Clark Elementary - Portable 1

(425) 837-6265