Message from the Counselor

What to do while your kids are at home?

  • Stick to a routine similar to school.  Just like school, having a schedule for the day is helpful for kids.  Include a morning wake up time and a bedtime appropriate for the child’s age.
  • Create a time during the day to ‘do school’. Include time to read and do any other learning activities of your choice. Have your child help you with the schedule.
  • Earn fun activities with an incentive chart. Learning activities and chores can be used to earn ‘fun’ privileges to help structure the day.
  • Decide on a ‘screens’ plan for your family. Search out the many resources online on this topic for helpful ideas to keep balance in your household.
  • Make a fun kid MENU of stuff to do. Create a list with your kids of different activities. When their screen time is used up for the day, they have the choice of anything on the list.  Ideas can include: crafts, board games,  making recipes, scavenger hunts inside and outside, imagination play, backyard play.

Finally,  the online library at KCLS has great resources for FREE audiobooks and ebooks:

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