Welcome to Mrs. Kanaga's Third Grade Class    

 We follow the Bobcat Way

1. Be Safe

2. Be Kind

3. Do Your Job

Classroom Website

Dear Parents,

Welcome to my connect site. On this site you will find our specialist schedule, daily schedule, quick links, volunteer sign up site and uploaded newsletters.

My co-teacher Brittany and I use Seesaw for all communication and notifications. Seesaw is an interactive website and App where you can send live messages, watch videos of our class, view classroom pictures, find live updates and much more! I will also be posting newsletters and important dates onto Seesaw. Seesaw is a private website and can only be viewed by our class. Please make sure you sign up to receive all of our updates.

To sign up please click here..

To access Clever at home:  

  1. Login to the Clever online portal: http://www.clever.com/in/issaquah
  2. Username: Student user names for Clever are the first four letters of their last name, first three letters of their first name and their two digit graduation year.


SullSte30 (student - Stephanie Sullivan, graduation year 30)

LuCin27 (student - Cindy Lu, graduation year 27)

  1. Password: Clever student passwords are set to their 7 Digit Student ID number. In Family Access this will be displayed as "Other ID." If a student's ID begins with a zero, the zero will be part of their password.
What are we learning about?

Math: Students will be learning about digital citizenship and how to use technology.

Writing: Students will be learning about the structure of Writer's Workshop and how to brainstorm ideas for a small moment story.

Reading: Students will be learning how to be a Good Reader and how to pick Just Right Books.

Science: Students will be learning about Pacific Northwest Salmon.

Social Studies: Students will be learning about cultures.



Reading: We encourage students to read 20 minutes every night. They can read aloud, to themselves, or with someone. This is a great time to talk to students about their reading. Students will also have a one page reading assignment most nights. This supports what students are learning in class and is meant to be finished the same night and returned the next day. 

Writing: Students will be working on their writing at school. Every Friday, students will turn in their writing to check their progress. If a student feels like they are behind they can take their writing home, but they are responsible in bringing it back the next school day.

Math: Math homework is optional. Students may login to their clever account at home and work on Zearn or Xtramath. You can also go to the Embarc third grade website to get more information and math help. 



Science/S.S.: Occasional home link pages to do with your students based on the unit in class.