Frequently Asked Questions

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Student Arrival/drop off
Student pick-up 
Daily Snacks
Buying Cafeteria Lunch
Drinks and Bathrooms

Specialist Schedule

Tuesday-PE, Library
Thursday- Music
Friday- PE 


Classroom Expectations

Listen while the teacher is talking.
Follow directions quickly.
Raise your to speak.
Respect yourself, respect others and respect the school.
Be safe and be honest.


Art Docent

The dates for Art Docent lessons will be:

Oct 18th 1:15 pm
Nov 15th 1:15 pm
Dec 13th 1:15 pm
Jan 17th 1:15 pm
Feb  28 1:15 pm
Mar 20th 1:15 pm
Apr 3rd 1:15 pm
May 15th 1:15 pm
Please use  this link to  sign up as Art Docent helpers: