Hello Families,

I hope you are continuing to stay safe and healthy. I have been trying to go on a walk anytime it is not raining just so I can get out of the house! 

First, accessing the resources will be the same as last week. Below are links to the subjects that students work through in class. As a reminder these links are optional and are currently just to maintain student’s learning. Your child can work through the resources at their own pace and work on what fits their needs. 

Please use the links below to access these resources. You will have access to these links each week via email or our class website.

-Social Studies/Science
-Additional Enrichment

 Some of the activities suggest students use apps on Clever.  In case you need it, here is the link of digital resources and login information:


Additionally, Seesaw will be another place that your student can find activities. Every few days I will post an activity that they can work on. This gives students an opportunity to communicate with me and share something they are working on :) I enjoy hearing from them!

Lastly, below is a link to yoga videos. For the past month in class we started our day with these videos. This could be a great movement activity or calming break for your student!

Thank you all for supporting your student at home during this crazy time. I miss them and am hoping to see them soon! Please reach out if you have questions or need to support with any of the resources. I am here to help in anyway I can! 


Karissa Bachman