Students enjoyed the Veteran’s Day assembly today. Students did a wonderful job singing to local veterans!


In writing, we are getting our narrative stories ready to publish. We will share our published narratives with our kindergarten buddies on Wednesday. After that, we will launch our information writing unit. Students will analyze good examples of information writing and choose a topic they already know a lot about. Ask your student about their published narratives!


 In reading, students reviewed summarizing a text, analyzing author’s craft, and making strong third grade predictions. Students also learned how to write a strong reading response using RACE (Restate the question, answer the question, cite the text, and explain your thinking). Students wrote a RACE response about what character trait describes a character from a story called “Alexander, who's not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going to move.” Ask your student what character trait they chose to describe Alexander and what evidence they used to prove their thinking!


         In math, students wrapped up Module 2 on measurement. Students reviewed all of the units of measurement and how to add and subtract these measurements. Students also reviewed how to tell time on an analog clock. Students took their Module 2 assessment today. Next week, we will launch Module 3 on multiplication and division. Ask your student how they feel they did on the Module 2 assessment!


         In science, students finished their research on dangers to Salmon. Students created PowerPoints and shared their research with the class. We ended this science unit with a test on what they have learned about Salmon!



Karissa Bachman