Extraordinary Eagle: Selina!


This week students finished their personal narratives. We celebrated the completion of their work by having Oreos and reading the stories to our kindergarten buddies! Today we launched our information writing unit. Students analyzed good examples of information writing and began thinking about writing topics they already know a lot about. Information writing in third grade focuses on writing techniques, as opposed to research, so students need to choose topics that they do not need to research. Ask your student what topic they plan on choosing for Monday!


In reading, we launched our next reading unit on non-fiction reading. Students learned how to prepare their brains for non-fiction reading and what text features to look out for. Students also practiced predicting what they will learn from a book based on its table of contents, or headings. Ask your student to predict what a non-fiction text will be about based on a preview of the table of contents and headings!


         In math, students began Eureka Module 3 on multiplication and division. We reviewed the commutative and distributive properties and jumped into higher multiplication facts. In this unit, students will review facts 1 through 5 and learn facts 6 through 9. Ask your student how to use a friendly five fact to help them solve higher facts using the distributive and commutative properties!        

Social Studies: 

         In social studies, students learned the difference between a location and a place. During this lesson students were able to explore places around the world on google earth. We then talked about the difference between physical and cultural characteristics of a place. Students began to learn about all of the cultural universals that link different cultures together. We will finish learning about cultural universals on Monday.



Karissa Bachman