Extraordinary Eagle: Garrett!


In writing, we continued with our information writing unit. Students are working hard to finish their box and bullets plans for each chapter so that they can move onto writing their first draft of their story. As we learn revision strategies, students will revise, edit, and publish these into all about books that I will bind. This week students also learned that a complete paragraph or chapter should include a topic sentence, transitions to connect supporting details, and closing sentence. Ask your student to tell you a topic sentence for one of their chapters!


 In reading, students continued to find the main idea of non-fiction texts. Students used boxes bullets to record the main idea and supporting details. They also practiced teaching each other as a way to further understand a non-fiction text. Students used a teaching voice and gestures to explain everything the learned to their reading partner. This helps them better understand what they’ve read in a non-fiction text. Ask your student to teach you something they learn in a non-fiction text!


         In math, students practiced the associative and distributive properties of multiplication. Students also reviewed solving one and two-step word problems using a letter to represent the unknown. Today, students took their Eureka Module 3 mid-module assessment. Students are working hard to learn their 6, 7, and 8 multiplication facts. This is a great time to encourage your child to practice memorizing multiplication facts at home. We will learn some tricks for remembering 9 facts soon. Ask your student to skip count by 6, 7, and 8!

Social Studies: 

         In social studies, students completed an art project about cultural universals in their family. They also used the culture interviews they brought home to interview each other. Students loved learning more about the cultures in our classroom. Students noticing that different cultures are linked by traditions that are both similar and different. Ask your student one thing they learned about their partner’s culture!


Have a wonderful weekend!




Karissa Bachman