In writing, we continued with our information writing unit. Students are working hard on their first drafts and some are beginning to revise those drafts. Students are working to use proper paragraph structure in their chapters by using a topic sentence, support details, and a closing sentence. Students also learned how to connect their supporting details with transition words and how to connect their chapters with closing sentences that include hints about what their reader will learn about next. Ask your student about what chapter they’re currently working on!  


In reading, we continued in our journey to identify the main idea and supporting details of a non-fiction text. This week, students tried out identifying the main idea and supporting details of a non-fiction text independently. Students also practiced turning those box and bullets notes into a summary. Students are applying these skills to books at their instructional level in reading groups as well. Ask your student to summarize the chapter we read on gorilla habitats!


         In math, students learned several strategies for solving multiplication and division problems involving 9. Students learned how to multiply a number by 10 and then subtract one unit in order to find a 9s fact, for example, (9 x n) = (10 x n) – (1 x n). Students also analyzed multiples of 9 to notice other patterns. For example, if you add the digits in a multiple of 9, they equal 9! Ask your student about their favorite strategy for solving 9 facts!

Social Studies:

         In social studies, students started their culture museum projects. They are completing research on their country of choice in order to make a poster and museum exhibit that they will share during our Culture Museum Walk on Wednesday, December 18th. Students will complete most of the project at school. However, they are welcome to bring nut-free foods from their culture or artifacts from that country from home. Please see the parent letter provided at conferences for more information. Ask your student about what they’re including on their poster and in their museum exhibit!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Karissa Bachman