Extraordinary Eagle: Shubham 


In writing, we continued with our information writing unit. Students learned how to balance facts and ideas in their writing. They also learned how to write strong introductions and conclusions by studying mentor texts. Strong introductions should give a reader a preview of what a book is going to be about and hook the reader with a question, fact, or even a sound. Ask your student about their introductions! A strong conclusion includes summarizing their whole story and can give next steps for the reader.


         In reading, students wrapped up their work with main idea and boxes and bullets and moved on to thinking deeply about nonfiction reading. Students learned that there are five good times to stop and think about nonfiction: when they’ve learned new information, when they see a strong image, when they have a question, when they encounter unknown words, and when they come to the end of a section. We will be practicing thinking deeply about nonfiction and also thinking about our own thinking into next week as well. Ask your student what they stopped, thought, and jotted about in their nonfiction reading today!


         In math, students identified patterns in multiplication equations. They learned that an even x even = an even, an even x odd = even, and odd x odd = odd. Students learned various strategies for solving facts involving 0, 1, and 10 as well. Students made rules to solve each fact. Students also used the associative property to solve large facts involving multiples of 10. Ask your student to solve 8 x 30 using their favorite strategy!

   Social Studies: 

         In social studies, students worked hard to complete their culture posters and move onto building artifacts for their culture museum exhibit. They will display their exhibits during our Culture Museum Walk on Wednesday, December 18th. Students will complete most of the project at school. However, they are welcome to bring nut-free foods from their culture or artifacts from that country from home. Please see the parent letter provided at conferences for more information. Ask your student about what they’re going to bring in or build for their museum exhibit!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Karissa Bachman