Students ended the week with an art project to celebrate the first day of winter on Saturday. Look out for some giant snowflakes coming home today!

Extraordinary Eagle: Alice!


In reading, students responded to non-fiction texts by growing ideas based on facts from a text. Students also identified where they saw an author’s opinion in an informational text. Students noticed what the author’s opinion might be based on punctuation and word choice and then discussed whether or not they agreed with the author’s opinion. When we come back from break, we will wrap up our non-fiction unit and move onto an in-depth fiction reading unit! Ask your student to find the author’s opinion about a subtopic in a non-fiction text!


         In writing, students are working hard to finish their first drafts of their informational books. Students practiced editing by breaking up overly long sentences into shorter, clearer sentences and also breaking up large paragraphs into smaller paragraphs. After break, students will finish revising and will move onto publishing. Ask your student how many chapters they’ve written!


In math, students wrapped up Module 3 by practicing two-step word problems using multiplication and division. They also took their end-of-module assessment. When we return from break, we will begin Module 4 on multiplication and area.

 Social Studies: 

         In social studies, students wrapped up our unit on cultures in North America by sharing their culture museum exhibits with friends and family. Thank you so much for supporting them in this amazing event. After break, we will switch back to science and study rocks and minerals!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Karissa Bachman