In reading, students were busy getting back into our school routine. We spent the week reviewing skills that students have learned throughout this unit. At the beginning of the week, we started with reading an informational text and creating a box-and-bullet summary. Students then practiced cross-text synthesis, where they read two articles and found one main idea between them. We finished the week practicing summarizing a text by finding the 5 main details. Next week, students will apply these skills to an end of module assessment!


In writing, students are working hard to finish their first drafts of their informational books. Students also learned about text features. They went through their informational text to find ways to add pictures, diagrams, maps and more. Next week, students will begin revising and will move onto publishing. Ask your student how many chapters they’ve written!


            In math, students began our Module 4 unit on multiplication and area. Students spent time with manipulatives to see how different shapes can take up the same area. We then spent time looking at square inches and square centimeters and comparing the area shapes that those units take up. 


            In science we began our rocks and minerals unit. Students started the week by talking about what they know and what they want to know about rocks. This is a very hands on unit and students were able to work with 12 different types of rocks and sort them based on their properties. Next week, students will begin their sorting of minerals.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Karissa Bachman