Extraordinary Eagle: Lucas and Zahir!


In reading, we started a new unit on character studies! As a class we will be reading the book Because of Winn-Dixie and will discuss what type of person the main character Opal is. This week students looked at different quotes from the text and made notes about how Opal’s actions impact how we view her. Students then took this skill and practiced it with their independent reading book. Ask your student about what kind of person Opal is!


         In writing, students are starting to review their writing with a partner and a checklist. This is the same rubric that I will be using to grade their work, so they spent time deciding if they met all the criteria needed to begin their final draft. Many students began publishing their informational writing and will continue working on it throughout next week!


In math, we continued to work on our understanding of area. Students learned how they can tell the area of a shape by multiplying the length times the width. We practiced this on shapes where students could not clearly count the boxes. Students also learned that division can help their understanding of area. They were given the area and one side length and found that they can use division to find the missing side length. Lastly, we talked about the importance of labeling their shapes! Please look for labeling if you are reviewing your student’s homework!


         Students have been having a wonderful time in science! We started the week by learning about the different types of rocks. Ask your student if they can remember all three! We then began our study on minerals. Students were able to look at 12 different minerals and begin taking notes on observations they had. They drew the mineral, described how it felt and smelled. Next week, we will begin testing the minerals and learning how to classify them. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Karissa Bachman