Extraordinary Eagle: Jordan!  


In reading, we continued in our fiction reading unit. Students found evidence for a particular character trait and then dug deep to discover why a character is the way they are. Students noticed that the character we are studying, Opal, is big-hearted and welcoming because she is lonely and wants to make friends. Students also used the theories they formed about characters to make predictions for what will happen next in a story. Finally, today, students identified the small problems, climax, and solution of a story. Students noticed that we can identify the climax by looking just before the solution in the story. Ask your students what the climax and solution was in Peter’s Chair.


         In writing, students are publishing their information books. We will be done with this unit at the end of next week. Then, we will celebrate these wonderful books! Ask your student how their book is coming along!


         In math, students started the week by taking their mid-module assessment. Please keep an eye out for their tests in their take home folders. We then began to look into the distributive property and how to break apart large rectangles into smaller rectangles to make finding the area easier. Ask your student how they can use the distributive property to find the area of a 15x5 rectangle!


         In science, we continued with our rocks and minerals unit. Students began to start testing their minerals to identify their different characteristics. Students completed a streak test on each mineral and noticed the color of the streak. Next week students will begin their light and luster test.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Karissa Bachman