Extraordinary Eagle: Keria!  


In reading, we continued in our fiction reading unit. Students used the climax and resolution of a story to determine what lesson the story is teaching. They also identified evidence of different story elements. For instance, they looked through a text to see which parts described character traits, which parts were problems in the story, and which parts identified the setting. Finally, students identified when a character changes. They used the “first, then, why” format. They discussed that first a character can be described with one trait, but then they can be described with another, and finally explain why using evidence from the text. Ask your student how Opal changed Because of Winn Dixie!   


In writing, we published our information writing books! After break students will get to share their all about books with their reading buddies and with each other. Students will be able to take these books home after they are graded. Our next unit will be on opinion writing where they will write persuasive essays!


         In math, we wrapped up Module 4 on multiplication and area. Students continued to practice solving complex figures and then reviewed skills that were taught earlier in the unit. Finally, we prepared for our end of module by working on a 3 Act Math lesson. This lesson includes a variety of open ended questions to challenge students thinking. Students looked at two piece of paper and were given little clues. They were asked to use strategies they have learned to identify which figure had a larger area. Ask your student what conclusion they drew! We ended the week by taking an end of module. After break we will begin our unit on Fractions.        


         In science, we started wrapping up our rocks and minerals unit. Students used all of their field test data to identify their 12 mystery mineral samples. Students then used all of the skills they’ve learned to identify three more minerals! After break, they will review the uses of minerals, the rock cycle, and then take the rocks and minerals assessment. Finally, we will move onto our next social studies unit on Geography of North America!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Karissa Bachman