Extraordinary Eagle: Logan!  


In reading, we are starting to wrap up our fiction unit. This week we focused on reviewing skills that will be on next week’s assessment. Students practiced reading a fiction text and answering questions that involve explaining the characters trait, how the character changed, identifying story elements and coming up with a life lesson the character learned. All of these skills are review, so students were able to apply what they knew to answer and talk through all the questions. Next week, students will be assessed on their ability to apply these skills to a new text. Please feel free to practice with your student at home with any fiction text they are reading!


         In writing, students celebrated our informational writing unit by sharing their completed informational texts. We then began our opinion writing unit! Students looked at mentor texts and then took notes on characteristics they observed in opinion writing examples. We ended the week by responding to an email from our principal, Mrs. Keegan. She sent the 3rd graders an email saying she was going to cancel the Salmon Hatchery filed trip. Students brainstormed reasons why she shouldn’t and came up with a letter outline. Then students practiced writing their first opinion writing of the year! Ask your student why they think we should keep the field trip. 


         In math, we started our unit on fractions. Students learned that a fraction is a part of a whole that is divided equally. Students noticed that the fractional unit depends on the number of pieces a whole is divided into. Students also began counting unit fractions to build non-unit fractions. For example, they counted fourths until they found the fraction 3 fourths. We intentionally began our unit asking students to write out fractions in words such as 1 third. This is because it helps students identify that we are counting by the fractional unit (thirds). This helps them have a firmer grasp of the purpose of the numerator and denominator when we move onto numeric representations of fractions. Ask your student to draw a picture of 2 thirds!


         In science, we came back from break and reviewed the rock cycle and the different types of minerals. We also reviewed what tests we can do in order to identify minerals. Students then took our rocks and minerals assessment. Next week, we will start our social studies unit on Geography of North America!


Have a wonderful weekend!

  Karissa Bachman