In writing, students learned how to break their writing into paragraphs and how to make their writing more interesting by adding dialogue. Today, students learned the basics of typing narratives on a computer. Next week, many students will begin typing on computers. They will complete the revising and editing process on computers as well.


 In reading, students learned how to use text clues to figure out hard words and how to find the meaning of figurative language. With both strategies, students looked at the context of a word or phrase to help them decipher the meaning. Students shared figurative language that they have encountered in their own lives and in their books. One example we discussed as a class was the phrase, “It was a piece of cake.” Ask your student for an example of figurative language!


In math, students continued with Module 2 on measurement. Students solved word problems involving time using both number lines and analog clocks. Today, students finished telling time on an analog clock and moved onto the metric units of kilograms and grams. Students broke down 1 kilogram into groups of 100 grams, groups of 10 grams, and groups of 1 gram. Ask your student how many groups of 100 grams are in 1 kilogram!


In science, students continued learning about the dangers to salmon. Students also completed their very own salmon run! Students pretended to be salmon and memorized a series of scents. Then, they followed their scent path later that day to see if they could find their home stream. Students did a great job as salmon! Ask your student to describe their salmon run!


Have a wonderful weekend!


Karissa Bachman