Extraordinary Eagle: Advitya!


In writing, most students transitioned to typing their narratives on computers. They will complete the revision process on computers. This week, students learned how to use mentor texts to revise their writing, how to punctuate dialogue correctly, and how to write a strong ending for their narratives. Students learned they can use an action, dialogue, or internal thought, as well as a look to the future, to write a strong ending. Ask your student about what revisions they are working on as they publish their narratives!


 In reading, students learned how analyze an author’s craft by asking why an author included a particular detail in a book. Students also reflected on all that we’ve learned from our investigation of the book Stone Fox through “I Remember” poems. Finally, students learned how to use their background knowledge and information from a text to make an inference. Ask your student about one inference they made about Mrs. Bachman today!


 In math, students continued with Module 2 on measurement. Students investigated the relationship between milliliters and liters. Students broke apart a liter into groups of 100 milliliters and 10 milliliters. They also learned how to solve mixed word problems using a variety of metric units. We ended the week taking our Mid-Module Assessment. Ask your student how many milliliters are in a liter!


In science, students learned about ways we can protect and preserve our Pacific salmon population here in the Pacific Northwest. Students learned about a class in Everett, Washington that helped a local creek in the 1980s. Ask your student about one way they can help save the salmon!


Have a wonderful weekend!



Karissa Bachman