Hello Families,
I do not know about you, but week two of online learning felt a lot easier than the first week! I hope you all are getting into some routine with your family.
Next, I want to say thank you to those families who filled out the parent survey. It was very informative for me and gave me some great ideas. While I cannot implement all the suggestions at the moment, here are a few things I plan to change for next week:
  •  With any lesson I post if there is a PowerPoint, I will share that with you on your students Seesaw. That way you or your student can refer to it while they are completing the activity.
  • A few families have shared that they would like the daily announcement to come via email. I plan to send the daily announcement the night BEFORE. That way you can review what your student needs to work on. I will continue to post the daily announcement for students/families on Seesaw each morning when the activities go live as well. 
  • Our class was 50/50 for how long work is taking your student. My hope is that as students get more familiar with Word/Seesaw/Teams, their work will not take them as long. If you feel like you student is still taking a lot of time to complete the work next week, please let me know. Keep in mind for writing, all next week they will be editing the work they have already typed, so writing should not take them as long. Students are also welcome to split assignments over the course of more than one day as needed.
Additionally, attached is the weekly schedule. The only changes that could potentially be made is social studies/science might get moved if I feel like out class needs to work on other skills.
Lastly, I will be letting families know via email if their student has any uncompleted assignments for the week. As a reminder, they do not need to have all their work completed until Sunday night. I have been posting messages to their pages, and many have already made the changes needed. If you do not receive an email from me by the end of the day, that means your student has submitted all their work for the week 
Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns! I am here to help in anyway I can!
Have a wonderful weekend. 
Karissa Bachman