Welcome to Early Childhood Education

My name is Patricia Cullip and this is my first year teaching Early Childhood Education in Issaquah. I previously taught in Bethel SD as an ECE teacher. I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University and received my Master's from Concordia Lutheran University. I'm super excited to work with Discovery's youngest Eagles! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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Upcoming Events

  • June 17 - ECE end of year party/celebrating dads
  • June 21 - Last ECE school day
  • June 26 - ISD Surplus Sale, 3:00pm, Discovery Elementary (please note location)
  • June 26 - School Board Meeting, 7:00pm, Admin Building
  • June 27 - Last Day of School - click here for schedule
  • July 11 - School Board Meeting, 9:00am, Admin Building - please note change in date and time
Generic Content

Listed Below is the Goals and Standards we are working on in class during May and June!

Cover Sheet

Month: May/June

Sample themes: May: Zoo; Pets; Transportation 

                              June: Camping, Ocean, K transition


Developmental Area

Skills Targeted


SC: AG1-1.2: Uses words, phrases or sentences to describe pretend objects, events, or people

SC: AG1-1.1: Uses words, phrases or sentences to express anticipated outcomes.

SC: AG2-2.1: Alternates between speaker/listener role

SOC: DG2: Understands how own behaviors, thoughts, and feelings relate to consequences for others.


DEL: Anticipate consequences of own behavior

DEL: Decide when to carry out self-help tasks: (wash hands, blow nose, etc.)

DEL: Remember and follow 3 steps that are unrelated.


DEL: Add up to 5 objects

DEL: Create own pattern and describe what the pattern is.


SSA: Make more advanced predictions about a story

SSA: Connect information in a text to personal life experiences

COG: HG1-1.3: Blends single sounds and syllables


Concept Vocabulary

COG: AG2-2.1: Demonstrates understanding of qualitative concepts (smooth, rough, wet, dry)

COG: AG3-3.1: Demonstrates understanding of spatial concepts (up, down, here, there)

COG: AG3-3.2: Demonstrates understanding of temporal concepts (tomorrow, yesterday)

Fine Motor


Increase independence in drawing, writing, cutting, and bilateral use of hands to complete projects, activities and fine motor learning games

(Decrease levels of prompting-visual, physical, etc.)

Gross Motor

Use all gross motor to participate in group activities with peers (group games) Ex. Scooters, parachute, navigating different surfaces


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