• March 22, 2018

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    Here's what we've been learning in Room 11:

    Writing: We have been busy studying opinion writing. Specifically, we are writing reviews of our favorite things such as restaurants, games, toys, and vacation spots. We are learning the structure of an opinion piece including a catchy introduction, stating the opinion, lots of reasons to support the opinion, and a conclusion. Students are really having fun learning craft moves to convince their readers!

    We are also studying parts of speech by making silly sentences. Ask your student to sing you the song for our sentence stretchers below. :)

    Reading: We are learning how to "be the boss" of our reading! Being the boss means that we take charge of our reading by stopping at the first sign of trouble. We are learning new tools for solving and checking difficult words in our reading. We are also working on the comprehension strategies of wondering and asking questions to understand our reading better. You can ask your student questions such as "What are you wondering about the story?"  and "What do you think will happen next?"

    In Math: We are studying Module 4, Place Value, Comparison and Addition within 40. Students are using quick tens and ones, number bonds, and the arrow way strategies to solve additions problems, understanding place value, using <, >, =, to compare numbers.


    Hallway writing by Aaron and  Pradhith

    Save the Dates!

    May 9th- First Grade Music Concert (more info coming soon)

    May 10th- Field Trip to the Seattle Children's Theater

    • 23 Mar 2018
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