Here's what we are learning in Room 11:

In Writing: We are beginning our next unit of writing: Realistic Fiction. In this unit, students will be creating a pretend character and giving that character adventures in multiple stories. Students will create a "boxed set" of their series. Ask your student who their pretend character is and what kind of adventures they might have for them! We will be focusing on the structure of narrative writing including a beginning, middle, and end.

In Math: We are beginning our last module focusing on Place Value, Comparison, Addition and Subtraction to 100. This module will bring together our learning from throughout the year. Students will identify and solve types of comparison problems using a double tape diagram, explore decompositions of the values of coins, and compare numbers using <, >, =.

In Reading: We are studying the comprehension skill of retelling and identifying the problem and solution of a story. We are studying the realistic fiction genre to help us understand the structure of a story, and we will use that understanding as we write our own realistic fiction stories.

In Science: We are studying habitats and how different animals adapt to their habitat.

In Social Studies: Ms. Yamamoto will begin a unit on "Needs and Wants" in our classroom. We will be switching a few days a week for science and social studies lessons for the next few weeks.