The Marathon Club will not be held this school year (2016).  Hopefully we will resume the club back up in the following year. Sorry to those who were planning on joining. If you are interested, please see the Seattle Marathon Association and consider doing the kids marathon independently.  It is a great race for kids to do even on their own!

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We need parent volunteers to make this program successful! If you are available to track laps during lunch, please see the volunteer sign up calendar below: Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot
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Remember to sign up under the group: Discovery - Issaquah  Password: Eagles

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Ms. DeAngelis


Registration Deadline is on Oct 7 - No exceptions!

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  • FAQ's

    Below are Frequently Asked Questions.  Please read before registering:

    1.  How long is a marathon? 26.2 miles

    2.  How will my child run 26.2 miles?  Children will run 25 miles BEFORE the race either at school or at home and the final 1.2 miles on race day‚Ķ

    • 6 Sep 2011