Hello Room 16 2nd Grade Families!

What a fun few weeks we've had.  Our class is getting to know each other, our routines, procedures, and getting used to all things second-grade....as well as dealing with all the changed brought on by the Construction. This group of spectacular 2nd graders has been super at adjusting to the changes and finding ways to remain successful in spite of all the changes. I am VERY IMPRESSED with this group! 

In READING - We are mastering our rotations behaviors; building our stamina in the DAILY 5; finishing up F&P check-ins; and falling in love with reading books!

In MATH - We finished up Module 1, where we reviewed our sums and differences to 100 and learned different strategies to solve 2-digit equations. This week we began Module 2 where we are focusing on measuring and estimating lengths in standard units AND relating addition and subtraction to length.  With the start of this module, students have begun the important practice of Self-reflection at the end of each rotation, to ensure they are being as productive and successful as possible at each rotation.

In Science - We are wrapping up our Shadows Lab this week, and will begin our first Social Studies Unit next week.

Social Studies will be about Civics (Citizenship, Government, and Community). It will continue until about Mid-November.

In Writing - We have been doing a mini Illustration unit, and have been learning to add simple sketches to our stories, as well as learning all the Writer's Workshop behaviors so we can be as productive and effective in our writing this whole year long!

We've been busy! And this group has been working hard. I am so proud of every one of them.

I've attached a link from the PTSA (please join, if you haven't already...they are wonderful and very supportive!) for the Fall Fundraiser! I think YOU ALL will really like it!

That's all for now.

-Mrs. Flett

Fall Fundraiser Flyer 2018 Final.pdf