Hi families,


Hope you enjoyed the break! The homework coversheet is attached and on the class connect site.

Note about homework this week -->There are more pages than usual. No need to complete all of them. I made some marks of which ones are optional and which ones to do so there are more variations of problems. Please stick to more basic problems on the first page if you notice it is more challenging for your students. Typically, problems get progressively more difficult as the homework goes on.

Please turn in the informational writing collages as soon as you can, thanks!

Focus of the week:

Math- new module 2 and continual practice “making 10” when the part is 9 or 8, using number bond correctly to support thinking and writing a 10+___ = ___ number sentence to match

Writing- new unit on informational/non-fiction writing, identifying elements of a non-fiction book, choosing a topic and writing a strong lead

Reading- working with the story Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me to retell and discuss, reading non fiction books to help support our learning in writing, paying attention to beginning and ending sounds (-ed, -ing and plurals), word families –it and –in (short i)

Science- observing the moon

Social/emotional- showing care and respect (home connection handout coming home on Thursday)


Also, we painted and water-colored Eric Carle inspired moons which will be on display in the office this month. Check them out!