Students were tested on their sight words- more commonly use words. There are 9 lists of 25 words which increase with difficulty. Your student is tested every other week on their words. You can find their words in their planner on the right-hand side. You can practice spelling these words, using them in word games, writing each letter on paper and unscrambling the letters, or create your own parent account on and make a custom word list (you can opt for a free account during registration). If you student does not have words then they already know all 9 lists.   


Academic Focus:

Math- We’re starting math module 2. We’ll work on adding 3 single digit numbers together using the “make 10” strategy.

Writing- focusing on using the correct punctuation, letter format for writing star student letters and sharing our writing with others

Reading- oral retelling of a story, using the strategies of “cross checking” and using the beginning and ending sounds of words to figure out challenging words, word families: -eg, -et, -est

Social emotional- looking for clues (face, body and words) to identify how someone feels, what does empathy look like