Academic Focuses for next week:

Math: commons addends in problem solving, addition chart patterns, fluency to 10

*Mid-Module assessment on Thursday. Those will go home the following week with the rubric. I’ll also send home the application journal problems. The daily question is done with some guidance and students complete part of it on their own. This is just for your reference to see what kinds of questions they are working on.


Writing: using words you already know how to spell in order to write challenging words, editing for capitals and punctuation, identifying and using author’s craft/building voice- exact and precise action words


Reading: long vowel sounds, making connections to books and writing connections as a response to stories


Social/Emotional: students have been learning the 4 listening cues (eyes watching, ears listening, voice off, body still). The “Snail and Puppy” puppets are used to demonstrate the correct and incorrect ways of these skills. In the last couple of weeks  we’ve also learned about self-talk and being assertive/asking for help. Next week we’ll talk about identifying feelings. I’m sending home a packet of the recent lessons “home links” and possible activities to do at home- it’s optional.


Have a great weekend! Let me know if you have questions!