Conferences are all day Wednesday and Thursday so there will be no school. Each conference is scheduled for 20 min. These are parent only conferences. I’ll be sharing the end of module 1 assessment with you at conferences.


Make sure to get your loves notes in this week!


We did a lesson on empathy last week. Have conversations and point out opportunities to use empathy at home to help build awareness not only at school. 


This week we’re working with the short o word families –op and –ot. In math we’re continuing to practice the make 10 strategy with the addends 7,8,9, and also learning how to choose an efficient strategy. In reading we are recognizing text features of non-fiction books to overlap with information writing.


Also, a flyer is attached with more details about the holiday gift barn donations which are due on Friday. Bins are in front of the office.


Have a great week!