Hi, families!


I hope you had a good 3 day weekend. The homework coversheet is attached. You’ll see a note about paying for the upcoming “in house” field trip at Discovery for our science unit on Magnets and Motion. You can pay by finding the "pay online" link on the right hand side of the class connect site.


Also, a reminder that the Family Heritage project (banner and sheet) are due Friday. Let me know if you have further questions with that!


Log Eager read minutes too- next round of prizes is next week.


Focus this week:

Social Studies- the life contributions of Martin Luther King Jr., idea of family

Social/emotional- how to “self talk”

Math- using the take from ten and make ten strategies to solve addition and subtraction, build an understanding of the tens and ones place value

Reading- learning about Martin Luther King through biography books and other stories as type of non-fiction teaching book, identifying synonyms, using context clues to figure out the meaning of synonyms while reading to build comprehension

Writing- setting goal using a checklist, editing stories for punctuation, capitals, and spelling, adding chapters to better organize facts and ideas

HW 1.16.18.pdf