Hi families,


Hope your week is off to a good start! Our science to go lab is now in May because the instructor had the stomach flu. Please note that the time for our 1st grade music concert is May 9th and our field trip is May 10th. The homework coversheet is attached for this week.


This week in math students are learning different ways to add two digit numbers. In writing we’re just finishing up our opinion reviews of restaurants, movies, games, etc. After break students will be writing a review about a book using similar strategies they learned in the first part of the unit to convince their reader. In reading were are looking at another book with the theme of friendship called Lost and Found. Ms. Denise is also visiting our classroom today for a lesson.


Remember to turn in those love notes and reading calendars! Students took home their April calendar yesterday. I will also be gone tomorrow at Issaquah High School. I will be able to check my email in the morning, but if there is anything urgent that comes up, just call the office (425-837-4100).


Have a wonderful rest of your week!