Here are our weekly academic focuses:


-Counting on 3 or more

-making 10-5 different ways (number sprints)

-Writing true number sentences with expressions (ex. 4+4=5+3)



  • Adding craft by using strategies to “bring stories to life” like adding dialogue and making characters have action
  • Spelling words by using the strategy “saying, sliding, hearing, writing”
  • Choosing a small moment to write about something that you did or happened to you



  • Making connections from the book to your life
  • Turning and talking with a partner (asking questions and learning how to listen)


Upcoming Dates:

Picture retakes Oct. 26th

Class Harvest Party Oct. 31st in the afternoon

Mrs. Svore art Oct. 16th

Sub Oct. 20th (Ms. D still in the building)

Oct. 23rd Teacher Workday- No school