Hi families,


Hope you had a great weekend! The homework coversheet is attached. This week we’re going to focus on friendship. We read Enemy Pie and discussed what we like about friendships. We’ll practice making connections during our reading time and talk about the story elements.


We took our math module 4 test today instead of Friday because I wanted to get through one more lesson. We’ll continue to study place value of tens and ones, and practice adding/subtracting tens. You’ll notice that the homework has a lot of problems, so I suggested picking just half to do.


In writing we’re learning how to convince our readers by adding “little stories,” helpful hints, giving lots of reasons and comparing our writing opinion topic to similar things. I used a strategy called a “micro progression” to explicitly teach what it looks like to give our opinion, reasons and examples by showing a progression of an okay, good and excellent example. Try pointing out opinions, reason and examples in the books or texts you read at home!


Events this week:


By ordering a few weeks before spring break they should be here in time.