Dear Eagles,

         This week, in math, we learned to interpret our remainders. For homework, we had to decide to ignore the remainder, report it as a fraction or decimal, or to round the answer up. We even learned to identify and measure angles.

            For science, we did experiments on solids, liquids and gases. We used salt/flour, water, rice and air. The materials we used were a syringe, a magnifying glass, and 2 see-though glasses. We made observations and recorded them in our science packets. We worked on our claim, evidence and reasoning (ClEvR) for the question: What are the properties of solids, liquids and gasses? We have discussed about solids and liquids this week, as a class.

            For writing, we focused on publishing our realistic fiction writing pieces. We had our writing CELEBRATION on Friday. It was awesome. We went around desk to desk to read our peers writing pieces and gave compliments. Our next writing unit is historical informational writing.

            In reading, we are working on our fiction/ non-fiction reading responses. By doing that, we are learning how to analyze our fiction and non-fiction text. We are also working on story structure.

Sincerely, your class bloggers

 (= Tanvi & Savannah   =)