December 11, 2015

Dear Eagles,

In writing this week we focused on generating realistic fiction ideas using small moments of our lives as examples. We also started referring themes to books for an example and a guide for our realistic fiction pieces.

In reading this week we focused on questioning strategies to understand the book; SLINKY, SCALY, SLITHERY, SNAKES. The book was about different types of snakes, how they live, how they hunt, their body, and how they defend themselves

In social studies we finished our social studies unit by presenting our PowerPoint Presentations and making posters, on Friday we had our assessment. In our assessment we had to list 2 mountain ranges, we had to draw the borders of the 5 regions that are in Washington, we had to draw the Columbia River, list one city in each region, and list 2 facts for each region.

In math, we did problem solving and had an assessment on Friday.




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