January 15, 2016

Dear Eagles,

In writing, we focused on completing the ending of our realistic fiction writing pieces. We also started working on elaboration and learnt how to find the heart of our stories.

In reading, we started our new non-fiction reading response. We also read a realistic fiction book called Thunder Cake. It’s about a girl who is scared of thunder, and she became brave after her grandma taught her how to make a thunder cake. She had to get all the ingredients while the roaring thunder was outside.

In math, we focused on using partial products or traditional algorithm, to solve, problem solving, reasoning and proof and communication to help solve math exemplars. We also learnt how to round large numbers. We took a math test on Friday

In social studies, we completed the imports, exports, geography and climate, natural resources and interesting facts of Australia, Mexico and Chile in our Pacific Rim trade processes grids.


Avani and Siri

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