We had a wonderful first "almost" full week of school.  We have been getting used to the routines of the class and completing pre-assessments, so we can accurately measure growth at the end of the year.  I've been so impressed by your children's focus, effort, and positive attitude.

In math this week, we are focusing on place value.  We've learned to name numbers in standard form, unit form, word form, and expanded form.  Further, we've learned to utilize our place value chart to bundle and unbundle groups of ten, as well as multiply and divide multi-digit numbers by ten.

In writing, we've begun to generate seed ideas and plan the arc of our realistic fiction narratives.  Over the course of the next 5 weeks, we'll learn how to effectively create a lead and an ending, use transitions, and paragraph appropriately.  We'll also learn how to convey our stories by showing and not telling, using figurative language to convey comparisions, and several other craft moves.  

In reading, we read A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon and analyzed the story in a deep and meaningful way.  We've also learned how to choose just right books and build our writing stamina during independent daily reading.

In science, we are framing all of our inquiries in a claim, evidence, and reasoning framework.  We've been asked several questions, been asked to make a claim to answer the question, and then support it with observable evidence.  Some students will be asked to accept the challenge of explaining the reasoning why their evidence supports the claim.  Next week, we begin planting our terrariums, as we begin our ecosystem investigation.

I hope your child has enjoyed their first 6 days of school, and at the same time, has already learned a lot.  I look forward to being your partner in educating your child.

Have a great weekend.