Bonjour Eagles!

On Monday, in math, we reviewed for our Unit 10 test. In social studies, our John Mears experts are sharing their knowledge with their table groups. In reading, we just started reading Coming to America. We talked about immigrants. In writing, we are starting to draft our literary essays. We talked about a good lead and ending.

On Tuesday, in math, we took our Unit 10 test, which was about symmetry. In writing, we continued drafting our literary essays. (We did not have social studies or reading due to our math test and Patrick Jennings’s visitJ) We read our IDR books during IDR.

On Wednesday, in math, we started Unit 11, which is partially about weight. We had kinder    buddies! We worked on our literary essays in writing.   

On Thursday, in math, we practiced converting units in the metric and customary systems. In Social Studies, our John Mears experts are finishing up sharing their knowledge. We read our IDR books during IDR. In reading, we are continuing reading Coming to America. In writing we are drafting & starting to revise and edit our literary essays.

On Friday, in math we worked on converting grams into ounces and we worked on geometric objects. In writing we finished our 1st drafts. In Social Studies our John Meares experts finished sharing their knowledge. In IDR, we read our IDR books. In reading we read coming to America.

We are reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Patrick Jennings came on Tuesday!!! J  NOTE TO PARENTS: ALL SCHOOL LIBRARY BOOKS ARE DUE ON JUNE 3RD. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR CHILDS BOOKS ARE IN BY THEN. Colin, Avi, and Adi’s birthdays were this week.