Dear Parents,


We are about to begin a new writing unit.  I’m so pleased with the final information writing pieces that your children produced.  Our next unit of writing is Literary Essay.  In this unit, students will learn to read literature closely – and write about the literature they are reading.  They’ll learn to notice the details in a text, to appreciate that authors choose the setting, objects, word choices, figurative language, and characters they put into their texts for a reason.   They’ll learn that certain aspects of the plot are especially essential to the story, and they’ll craft evidence-based theories about the text.  They will learn to write structured, compelling essays in which they make and support claims and analyze, unpack, and incorporate evidence.  They’ll be reminded of the work they did when they crafted opinion essays earlier in the year and utilize those skills to focus on arguing for ideas about character, while building upon their planning and drafting of an essay, writing introductions and conclusions, and providing compelling evidence in support of their reasons.


We will be utilizing the opinion writing rubric to assess their work.  I’ve attached a copy of the rubric, as well as a checklist that your child will receive in class to aid them in the revision stage of the process.  Our literary essay work will last approximately six weeks.  If you have any questions please let me know.

4th Grade Opinion Writing Rubric.pdf