Dear Eagles,

This week, in math, we learned to order and compare decimals. We learned to estimate with decimals, by rounding the decimal number to a whole number and we learned to add and subtract decimal numbers. We even learned to use decimals in money.  

In science, we learned to order density. We are working on answering the question: Can you order rank the density of different objects? We must have a claim and evidence, and to get a four, you should include reasoning.  We are discussing density. We found the density by dividing the mass of the object by the volume of the object. 

In reading, we worked on IDR and some students took their F&P tests. We even worked on story structure/elements. We are practicing questioning and analyzing by reading the book TEAMMATES. As a class we created a 3-paragraph summary of TEAMMATES.

In writing, we drafted our table of contents and our lead for our historical informational writing pieces. We are starting to draft our 1st content chapter. We are exploring leads & content chapters from different historical informational writing to give us ideas on how to do ours.

We got our March Spelling packet on Monday. Our new writing genre in our spelling packet is science fiction.

Our new read aloud book is The Phantom Tollbooth (TPT).


Your class bloggers,

Tanvi & Namitha