Dear Eagles,

This week, in math we did Exemplars on Monday. Our learning targets were 1) Problem Solving 2) Communication 3) Reasoning and Proof. On Tuesday, we learned about decimal place values. The rest of the week, we compared decimals with fractions.

In Reading, on Monday, we read The Bat Boy & His Violin by Gavin Curtis, illustrated by E.B. Lewis. It’s about a boy, named Reginald, who likes to play the fiddle violin (His father always calls his violin a fiddle) and his father, who is the manager of the Dukes, the worst baseball team in the Negro Baseball league, asks him to be the team’s bat boy. On Tuesday, we finished the other half of the book. In the book, Reginald plays the violin, which helps the team win the game agents’ the Buckeyes. The team wins the rest of the games, and gets selected to play a game agents’ the Monarchs, the best team on the league. They lose the game 17-18. The rest of the week, we read our IDR books.

In writing, for the whole week, we started note taking for our historical, informational writing pieces. We learned that when you take notes you cannot copy other people’s writing and you can only copy dates, numbers, names, places and quotes.

In Science, for the whole week, we started to answer the Question: Can you rank order the density of different objects? On Friday, we solved the equation, 4/3 2.53 which gives us the volume of a ball of clay wrapped in aluminum foil with the diameter of 5cm.



Discovery Elementary is teaching the students to reduce waste by doing Waste Free Wednesday every Wednesday. Did you know:

      It takes 700 years for a plastic bottle to disintegrate if it’s not recycled.

      Every year the US fills enough garbage trucks to form a line that would stretch from the earth, halfway to the moon.

Thank you for packing waste free lunches this week for your kids. More than 50% of the kids in our class that brought lunch had a waste free lunch, and our class got an Eagle Eye Award. Please do this next week too. It is not required, to bring waste free lunches. We hope that your kids bring waste free lunches next week too.

Here is what waste free means:

YES:                                                           NO:

Reusable containers                                   Plastic Baggies

Steel forks and spoons                               Plastic Forks and Spoons                              

Cloth or paper napkins                               Wrappers from candy, chips, crackers, and bars

Milk or Juice cartons                                 Capri Sun Juice Pouches

Hard plastic liquid yogurt drinks                 Pudding cups, yogurt cups, and applesauce cups

Reusable Water Bottles                            

Wax paper baggies

Anything paper

Aluminum cans


If you have questions, please contact our green team lunch coordinator, Miss Denise, at

On Friday, we studied Jacob Lawrence, and did an art project.



Your bloggers,

Namitha & Tanvi