Dear Parents,

In our first narrative writing unit, our focus is on constructing realistic fiction narratives.  At the start of the unit, we let the students know that fiction writers get their ideas from paying attention to the moments and issues in their lives - particularly ones that generate strong emotions.  We've collected seed ideas, and have begun to develop our characters internal and external traits, as well as their motivations, which will move their plot forward.  Then, we begin to create a story arc with scenes building up to a grand climax, and concluding with some falling action.

We will focus on drafting a lead which draws the reader into the world of the story, using transitions effectively, creating an ending that ties back to the beginning or middle of the story, and organizing our narratives effectively in paragraphs.  We will also work to balance action, dialogue, and thoughts and feelings, while using strong craft moves, such as figurative language.

Please find resources in files to support your child's narrative writing, including the rubric we use to assess their writing and a checklist they can use to monitor their progress.

4th Grade Narrative Writing Rubric.pdf